Friday, 5 August 2011

*ban la'olmeen

He, the blemish to my reasoning, is reluctant to leave me.
Like a cut that doesn’t stop bleeding, he never gets elapsed.
Not to blame him, i let him zip that deal, long back, with wine.
And thereafter he called me vino de Jerez*.

He, the keeper of chateaus, was stunning like the roses of Lebanon and smelled of dry figs.

He knew the right time when vines budded and pomegranates bloomed.

He never saw a mirror or kissed a woman.
He was without shadows. His veins were purple.

Alone in the Hykala*, facing the west, I mastered the premise of evolution, from him.

He let me fall in love, then, out of it too.

The totem of my kind---
The star over my providence---
He refuses to leave me, alone.

*ban la'olmeen  :a syriac term, meaning 'now and forever'.
*vino de Jerez: a spanish wine, commonly known as Sherry.
*Hykalaa syriac term, meaning' the main hall for congregation'.